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The descriptions are taken directly from the web site of the resource unless noted with "AM"

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IPA Advertising Index
(Rosalind Resnik's Interactive Publishing Alert Ad Space Directory -AM)

Web Ad Space Registry

WebTrack (Jupiter Communications)
Monthly news and analysis for Web marketers and advertisers
The Advertising Placement Report
Advertiser Index
Major advertisers on the web
(Over 500 Hyperlinked sites and rising)
AdSpace Locator
(Over 800 sites which accept sponsorship)

Focalink Communications
MarketMatch is the industry's leading media planning tool, allowing media professionals to identify and compare Web advertising opportunities on a comparable basis. MarketMatch combines a comprehensive database of ad-seeking Web sites with a powerful search engine that performs custom searches according to advertising criteria.

Ad Home is a service designed to bring web home pages and advertisers together. We maintain a directory from which advertisers can select a "home" for their ad. In addition, we will actively pursue a match between sites and advertisers.

Directrix Advertising
Welcome to Directrix Advertising, a comprehensive solution provider for advertising on the web. We feature a large directory of websites that have advertising and sponsorship opportunities, as well as general reference information for web advertising.

Adbot: the auction market for internet advertising
Our mission is to provide the industry's most efficient way to buy and sell ad space on Internet-based publications. Adbot, Inc. provides an Internet advertising network in which all media transactions occur by means of an organized, impartially mediated auction market.

The List of Marketing Lists

Kim Bayne's Marketing Lists on the Internet

List of Advertising Agencies


Statistics, Research, General Info:

ActivMedia's: Market Research for Net Marketers
Our Research Group specializes in quantitative studies of online marketing, augmented by market analysis and case studies. We maintain the largest available databases of online marketers for custom research purposes.

GVU Center's WWW User Survey Home Page
The Graphics, Visualization, & Usability (GVU) Center's World Wide Web User Surveys are a public service effort. All results are made free to the public as well as access to the collected datasets, though certain restrictions do apply. The GVU Center is a research center affiliated with Georgia Tech's College of Computing (COC).

Internet Domain Survey -The Domain Survey attempts to discover every host on the Internet by doing a complete search of the Domain Name System. The next survey will be done in late January 1997 and posted here around Feb 2.
(Plus links to other similar surveys, such as NetCraft -AM)

Creating A New Medium for Marketing and Selling (BroadVision White Paper)

New Metrics for New Media: Toward the Development of Web Measurement Standards
(White Paper on Web Advertising by
Thomas P. Novak and Donna L. Hoffman (Vanderbuilt University) -AM)

Print Publications Related to Business Use of the Internet



iWORLD: Internet Advertising Report

(from I/PRO)

Media Central
(General News on Marketing & Advertising, including Interactive -AM)

Web Digest for Marketers

1st Steps: Cool Marketing Resources and Tools
Daily electronic newsletter for online marketers.

Microscope Home Page: Best Ads On The Web
Welcome to Microscope, the weekly e-zine dedicated to bringing you the most creative and compelling ads the web has to offer.

Supplement to Advertising Age & Business Marketing

Marketing Tools / American Demographics


Auditing Services:

I/PRO Internet Profiles Corporation (partners with Neilson)

Welcome to NetCount (partners with Price Waterhouse)
Welcome to NetCount, the technology leader in third-party Web site measurement, advertisement performance tracking and research services.


Advertising Sales Reps/Agencies:

Welcome to Web Rep
Based in San Francisco, WebRep, LLC. is a national sales firm specializing in World Wide Web advertising.

i-traffic, inc.
i-traffic is the leading advertising agency for driving targeted Internet traffic.
The Internet Traffic-Driving Agency.


Banner Serving Software:

NetGravity AdServer has established itself as the industry's premier ad management system. The first product to offer sites an effective means of managing online advertising, AdServer standardized capabilities in scheduling, placing, and tracking ads.

Ad Juggler
Ad Juggler is a commercial-strength tool that gives you a full range of powerful management capabilities to ensure complete control of advertising action on your website. Written in C, it will run natively on your server platform, thus reducing CPU overhead to bare bone minimum. Open API allows for easy incorporation of Ad Juggler into unique logic of your website targeted content delivery.

Central Ad
Central Ad and Central Ad PRO -- the extrememly low-cost solution in banner-tracking software.


Real Media, Inc.

Open AdStreamTM is a web-based ad management, delivery and reporting system that runs on your web server. The entire management, delivery, and reporting process occurs online, in real time, giving you the quality distribution needed to reach target markets.


Banner Networks & Management Services:




Commonwealth Network

Petry Interactive Network
(Using AdForce from IMGIS -AM)

Real Media, Inc.
Real Media, Inc. was founded in 1995 to develop Internet advertising solutions for newspapers and other publishers.
Real Media offers The Real Media NetworksTM, a network of web publisher sites.

ADSmart.net is the best way to buy or sell online advertising space. It uses a unique TrueTargeting methodology to accurately pinpoint target audiences and match campaigns to the most appropriate advertising space.
(ADSmart.net is owned by
CMG Information Services, Inc. (Lycos, Geocities, etc.) -AM)

Focalink Communications
SmartBanner provides intelligent, responsive management of Web advertising by implementing complex buys and generating comprehensive performance analyses. Publishers use SmartBanner to manage the requirements of serving dozens of simultaneous campaigns, as do networks, with the increased complexity of multiple sites. And agencies use SmartBanner as a single point of contact for executing their most complex campaigns.

GlobalTrack -- the most advanced ad campaign management and tracking service available for the Internet today.
GlobalTrack actually tracks users, not just ads, across the entire web giving you unprecedented control over your Internet advertising schedule. We are not a network, so your ads can be placed on your choice of websites. Plus, GlobalTrack delivers immediate, on-line reporting for your entire schedule, all in one place.

The Internet Link Exchange

Resource Marketing, Inc. TradeBanners Program

For more complete listing go to:

Web Site Banner Advertising: Ad Networks, Brokers, and Exchanges (by Mark J. Welch)
· Companies that promise to pay for all ad displays (impressions/adviews/pageviews)
· Brokers & Advertising Representatives
· Companies that promise to pay per click-through
· Banner Exchanges (unpaid)
· Reciprocal Banners & Links (unpaid)
· Web Site Ad Registries
· Ad Server Software: to rotate, display, and track banner ads


Other Collections of Resources:

Website Marketing, Advertising and Traffic Building Services from MMG
Multimedia Marketing Group is the oldest and largest online promotions and public relations agency.
Sales & Marketing Know-How
"WebStep Guide to Sales & Marketing"
2nd Edition of The Popular WebStep Guide
Marketing Information  
Internet-Sales Daily DigestTM
The Online Business Forum
Directory Links  
WebStep TOP 100TM
TOP 100 Places To List Your Web Site

Web Marketing Info Center for the Internet
At the Web Marketing Information Center you'll find links to more than 300 on-line articles about effective Web marketing and to on-line resources for business.

Marketing Bulletin Board Directory
MBB Online, the Internet's most comprehensive workplace for marketers, is divided into four sections:
Online Marketing Intelligence
Lightening quick links and annotations to more than 100 marketing research-related databases on the Internet. Navigate through vast public data sources to uncover the perfect demographic, economic or industrial information to build a precise marketing plan or strategize your next ad campaign. You now have (free) access to the same powerful informational resources used by large companies and ad agencies. Information is power and you now have both at your fingertips!
Marketer's Tool Kit
Potent, everyday tools to help you save time and market smarter. From one convenient location, you can now pinpoint the best trade show for your product, make business travel plans, track an important package, find the phone/fax/email number for a business prospect or check the latest marketing industry news. Utilize dozens of practical links, checklists and resources specifically geared to the needs of busy sales and marketing executives.
Marketing Products Showcase
Hot products and services to power up your sales. Search our extensive product data base to discover a suitable portable trade show display, a unique imprinted ad specialty item, or the lowest-cost brochure printer in the country. Access vender web sites for instant answers or conveniently e-mail your request for more information. These sponsors enable us to maintain this site at no cost to you. They also offer low prices, quick turnaround and quality service on the most popular business products used by professional marketers.
Hall of Fame/Ad Gallery
Learn from history's most prolific marketers when you visit our virtual museum, the Marketing Hall of Fame. On the flip side, marketing's lowlights are on display in the unique Hall of Shame exhibit. See if you agree with our online experts' critiques of current ad campaigns in the Ad Gallery or produce an award certificate for your favorite marketer. And be sure to get your "Dilbert" fix for the day. Who says marketers can't have a little fun once in awhile?

Advertising Media Internet Center
The Advertising Media Internet Center (AMIC) is the leading web site for media professionals. Anyone interested in the activities of advertising media planners, buyers, sellers, and researchers will also find AMIC a useful information source.

Rates, demos, data, and online media kits.
Links to ad sales directors and departments

SI Software - Resources And Software for Web Advertising, Marketing and Promotion
SI Software presents resources designed to maximize the effectiveness of your Web advertising (buying & selling), marketing and promotion efforts. Featuring The One-Stop Directory Of Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Links; Web Advertising Rate Guide and Web Advertising and Marketing Articles and Papers.

Internet Marketing Resources by Point of Presence Company
Internet Marketing - mailing list archives (list is dead -AM)

Advertising World
Resources for advertising & marketing professionals, students, and teachers.
The most extensive collection of advertising-related links on the Web!

Internet Advertising Resource Guide
A quality resource for people in the marketing and advertising field
Maintained by Dr. Hairong Li, Department of Advertising Michigan State University
Internet Advertising Primer
Advertising on the Internet
Unique Internet Advertising Formats
Merchandising on the Internet
Web Measurement
Internet Advertising Management
Internet Advertising Networking

Axiomatikos Marketing Directory
The Axiomatikos Marketing Directory is a collection of resources which we feel will offer the highest value to Internet marketers, writers and researchers.

Advertising section of webreference.com



BESTDOMAINS - The Largest Global Internet Name & Asset Trading Site
BESTDOMAINS Internet Services broadcasts and will act as a broker and agency in the sale of cyber space assets, including domains name rights and assets.

(Nationwide Classified Ad Network. Not very many newspapers represented though.
Santa Rosa Press Democrat (our local newspaper) is. -AM)

The Usenet Marketplace FAQ
This FAQ acts as a general guide to transactions over all of the misc.forsale.* and biz.marketplace.* newsgroups, and provides suggestions applicable to many other advertising groups as well.

Mailing lists - PostMaster Direct - Business Services
The powerful PostMaster Direct mailing lists are available for your own targeted mailings!

PromoMart! An Online Mall of Promotional Products

Direct Media is the world's largest list management and brokerage company.
Direct Media Interactive is an internet ad buying and placement/testing service designed expressly for direct marketers. CatalogLink is a catalog request and linking service

USADATA - Web Based Information Solutions
USADATA is a leading provider of marketing, company and advertising data in the United States. Our web based products provide answers to specific marketing challenges and facilitate management decisions.

ACT ONE Mailing List Services, Inc.
Full Service Mailing List Compiler, Broker & Manager

Juno -- Free Internet E-Mail
(Advertiser-supported FREE e-mail service with over 1,000,000 subscribers as of the end of 1996 -AM)


Clickshare Publishers Packet (server N/A -2/22/97)

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