Tired of corporate management layers?  Ready for a new challenge?  Want a job that keeps you learning something new every day?  How about getting paid to contribute to an open-source project?  Want to work with people who are really smart and knowledgeable and create market-leading award-winning web applications?

Then check out our immediate job openings below and help us build a company with the potential to be the next PayPal.

About us

We are a small (5 people) company affiliated and collocated with several other companies totaling ~ 100 employees.  Among other things, we develop and maintain a number of ASP-style browser-based applications for these companies.

Some are custom business applications / extranets.  Others are sold for use by clients as a service (see as an example of one that won all the industry awards).  Finally, there is an ecommerce services startup with the potential to be the next PayPal.

We are located in a premier downtown location in Santa Rosa, California in the heart of the Wine Country.  This warm and friendly city is an urban blend of art and culture, food, wine and recreation.  Santa Rosa is the largest city between San Francisco and Portland with excellent infrastructure, schools, climate, beautiful environs and is "designed for living".  Real estate is still a lot less than in Silicon Valley.  Several years ago, Santa Rosa was named the second most dynamic city in the US.

Our organizational structure combines the best of small company agility and financial stability of a larger organization.  We have a fast-paced but flexible and relaxed working environment.  We use a common-sense approach to programming and project management using elements of agile software development.  We maintain a "best of breed" world-class IT infrastructure with hardware and software choices based on deep understanding of technology, not vendor hype.

Job Openings

Senior Web Application Developer


Full time programmer to develop web-based software.  Permanent position in Santa Rosa, California.  Partial (but not complete) tele-commuting possible.  Flexible hours.  H1-B transfer possible.  Relocation assistance.

We are looking for a well-organized, smart and hard-working person.



4-5 years experience developing browser-based applications including user interface design and implementation, writing server-side database-driven code, etc.

Thorough understanding of HTTP protocol and at least one server-side software development framework such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, etc (doesn't matter which one).

Excellent command of SQL, preferably Transact-SQL, including in-depth understanding of locking, transactions, optimal use of indexes and experience writing stored procedures, user defined functions, triggers and the like.

Strong JavaScript skills, including coding AJAX-style dynamic user interfaces, cross-browser event handling, DOM manipulation, etc.  Experience with Dojo, Prototype or similar JavaScript libraries/toolkits would be very helpful.

Must be comfortable with basic Windows Server administration.

Candidate will be required to submit samples of reusable JavaScript code they've written.
Candidate will also be required to submit a sample of past technical writing.

During the interview, among other things, candidate will be required to design a data model from a set of requirements.

Knowledge/skills that are not required but would be a plus:
  • XML/XSLT/XPath
  • OLAP
  • ActionScript/Flash
  • Tcl
  • C
  • AOLserver
  • Experience with e-commerce/shopping-cart systems, credit card transactions, custom business applications
Additional Info:

Our primary web application development platform is AOLserver and the Tcl dynamic programming language. We don't expect you to know them.  We do expect that you'll be able to learn Tcl (which is very easy), ~ 300 AOLserver API functions and over 500 functions of our own Framework fairly quickly.

In addition to working on interesting and challenging projects, you'll also be contributing to our Framework and helping with releasing it as an open source project.

  • Free snacks and soda
  • Reimbursement for technical books
  • Medical, dental, vision
  • Accrued Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • 5 paid days a year for training/learning (on top of PTO)
  • 401K plan with matching

We are interested in filling this position right away as it is instrumental to the e-commerce services startup we are launching right now, so APPLY NOW


Computer Systems Engineer


Full time Systems/Network Engineer plus MS SQL Server DBA.  Permanent position in Santa Rosa, California. Possible relocation assistance.

We are looking for an experienced, well-organized and hard-working IT professional with the equivalent skills of a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), plus sufficient knowledge of SQL to write fairly complex SQL queries for reports.

Actual MCSE certification is not required but you will be expected to obtain one within a reasonable time frame.  Preference will be given to a person with experience over a "Paper MCSE".


Job Description:

Design, Implement and Maintain (with 24/7 emergency on-call rotation) the following:

  • Small Business Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2003 Enterprise common-storage and NLB Clusters
  • Exchange Server 2003 and 2007
  • ISA Server 2004 and 2006, including load-sharing ISA Server Arrays, networks with multiple ISA Servers separating various subnets, etc.
  • SQL Server 2000 and 2005 including multiple clustered and log-shipped instances and several-hundred-gigabyte-sized databases.
  • Multi-drive tape library backup system using multiplexed backup jobs in ARCserve.
  • Various network and server "plumbing" such as policies, security, anti-virus and anti-spam (Symantec), patch management, performance, log and service monitoring, storage management, etc.

In addition, in more of a SQL DBA capacity, you will perform ad-hoc queries and create custom reports, which will require gaining an understanding of the database schema, possibly creating the needed views and writing the necessary SELECT statements at the very least.


5-7 years experience with at least 4 years experience in implementing and maintaining most of the bullet items in the job description above.

Thorough understanding of IP addressing and routing, NAT, VPNs, DNS, SMTP and storage management basics such as RAID levels.

Excellent command of core Microsoft networking, server and desktop concepts such as Active Directory, Group Policy, User Profiles, Windows registry, NTFS, IIS, etc.

Experience with ISA Server, preferably 2004 or newer

SQL Server experience, including file-based backups and restores, various recovery modes, moving/resizing database/log files, maintenance plans, multiple instances, etc.

You will also be required to submit a sample of technical writing (such as a how-to article or instructions for installing or configuring some software or hardware, etc.).

Knowledge/skills that are not required but would be a plus:
  • SBS 2003
  • Microsoft CRM 3.0/4.0
  • Clustering, NLB
  • iSCSI, other advanced storage such SANs, snapshots/VSS
  • ARCserve
  • MOM
  • Ability to write batch files or scripts to accomplish admin tasks
  • Transact-SQL; SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Excel PivotTables, SQL Server Analysis Services, Pivot Table Service, etc.
  • You get to play with and learn all the latest "toys" coming out of Microsoft
  • Reimbursement for passing certification exams
  • Free snacks and soda
  • Medical, dental, vision
  • 401K plan with matching
  • Accrued Paid Time Off

We are interested in filling this position right away as it is instrumental to the e-commerce services startup we are launching right now, so APPLY NOW



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