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Microsoft .NET Framework gives easy access to the Microsoft GDI API, which has some pretty impressive image manipulation capabilities.  Among other things it can resize images resulting in very space-efficient files.  Moreover, just resizing an image to the same resolution it's already at typically results in a 2-3 fold decrease in file size with barely noticeable reduction in image quality. So we wrote a pretty simple command-line utility in C# that resizes image files.  If you are curious, you can download the source .
Here is the AMImageResizer.exe /? output:

AMImageResizer version 1.0
This program resizes an image and returns the resulting image size.

AMImageResizer SourceFile [DestinationFile] [/Resize widthXheight]
[/NoAutoAspect] [/Thumbnail] [/Size]

Example: AMImageResizer largeimage.jpg smallimage.jpg /Resize 640x480
This would resize largeimage.jpg to smallimage.jpg with
its width and height being proportional to source width and height
and neither width exceeding 640 or height exceeding 480.

If DestinationFile is not specified we save the resized image to

If /Resize widthXheight is not specified we resize the image
to its current size. You may want to use this to reduce an image's
filesize. Both width and height do not need to be specified together.
You could specify just /Resize x100 to make the height 100 and the width
proportional to that. When both width and height are specified the
original aspect ratio is maintained with the smaller of the width or
height being the base measurement for SourceFiles whose proportions
don't match the target width:height ratio (ex. 576x768 when resized
to 100x75 will result in 56x75 size).

If /NoAutoAspect is specified we will not automatically adjust
the image dimensions. This switch may only be used if
both width and height are specified.

If /Thumbnail is specified the GetThumbnailImage method is used.
This is recommended if you're resizing an image to a small
size (100x75).

If /Size is specified we will return the dimensions of SourceFile. We
will not resize the image.

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