About Solitex Networks

Solitex Networks (f.k.a AM Computers) has been providing a full range of IT consulting services to small and mid-size businesses in the San Francisco North Bay since 1993.  We have extensive experience with industry leading IT hardware and software solutions including Microsoft Small Business Server 2003, ISA Server 2006, Microsoft CRM 3.0, security and storage management offerings from Symantec, Computer Associates and much more.

We have a passion for relieving businesses of their technology headaches by providing proven, affordable, reliable and easy-to-use solutions that are right for your organization.

Solitex Networks Company Philosophy

We genuinely care for the customer as we would for a good friend
  • Our customer's pain is our pain - if our server was down and we were losing $1000 per hour of downtime we wouldn't eat or sleep until we fixed the problem.  A customer in need should get the same level of attention (regardless of whose fault it was).

  • The main criteria for any decision is the customer's "best interest in the long-term":

    • We always look for ways to save the customer money and help their business grow.

    • We never sell customers what they don't need (or won't need in the near future).

    • We always recommend the solution that is best for the customer regardless of whether there are alternative solutions that we make more money on.

    • Sometimes what customers request is not what's best for them.  It is our responsibility as their consultants to "strongly recommend" the best long-term solution. (But in the end, we must accommodate the customers' wishes.)

    • Initial investments into high-quality products, detailed documentation, and network manageability (such as automation, standardization and centralization) will lead to reduced long-term Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    • Our solutions are designed with expansion in mind.

  • Our goal is to build a customer relationship based on trust, openness and fairness:

    • If we don't know something, we will say so to the customer.

    • If we've made a mistake, we will be the first to admit it and reduce our charges appropriately.

    • We respect our customers' confidentiality and the trust they place in us.

Although our first responsibility is to the client's company as a whole, each employee of the client is also a separate customer that requires our attention.
Our three most valuable assets are communication, communication, communication!
  • We strive to maintain effective, accurate and open communications both within our company and with our customers.

  • We believe in sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.

  • We stand behind our promises to each other and to our customers.

Our company is based on constant innovation, learning, and knowledge sharing.  Our non-hierarchical structure promotes the free flow of ideas and places value on expertise over title.  We strive to create an atmosphere where people can have fun while working in a place that will help them grow and prosper.
Although we are all individuals with different technical backgrounds, we strive to deliver a consistent customer experience.

To achieve this goal we:

  • maintain detailed documentation of work in progress that allows one person to continue the work of another in an efficient manner;

  • try to do as much work as possible by following a proven set of procedures and settings;

  • make sure that our people have consistent baseline technical knowledge on a variety of subjects.

Good enough isn't!
  • We don't use "duct tape".  That is we don't take shortcuts, we do things right the first time around.  We strive for clean, elegant, user-friendly and easily maintainable solutions.

  • As System Integrators, we believe our job is more than just pushing the "Next" button to install the latest software for our customer.  Our job is knowing how to make the best use of products and technologies available and to achieve the most functionality for our customer's money.  Our job is to cut through the marketing hype, to work around bugs and flaws, to resolve multi-vendor incompatibilities and to deliver to the customer functional integrated solutions that are optimized for the customer's environment.


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