Microsoft CRM Resources

We have been implementing and customizing Microsoft CRM solutions for several years now and would like to share some of what we've learned.  Here, you will find articles, tools and links that will hopefully help you with your MS CRM project:

Workaround for MS CRM 3.0 Bug - Creating a Follow-up Appointment using the Form Assistant leaves the Organizer field blank thus preventing the appointment from showing up on the user's calendar.

Send Intro Email on Lead Conversion automatically via workflow but FROM the Owner of the Lead; also send email in workflow on behalf of a queue. (Custom workflow assembly)

Notify Sales Person of New Opportunity with a link to open it in CRM; also sending any emails with links to the entity. (Custom workflow assembly)

Note that general software development resources on topics such as SQL and Javascript can be found under the tab above (under Resources).  For computer/network administration resources click on the AutoMated tab above.


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