Our IT Consulting Services

We provide a full range of IT consulting services from workstation hardware installation to server upgrades and maintenance to wide area network design and implementation. If it has something to do with computers, servers, networks or telephony we can help.

In addition to implementing and customizing business-enabling solutions such as Microsoft CRM, it has been our main goal to reduce your computing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) before the term was coined.

What is TCO?

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is defined as all of the possible costs incurred in the life cycle of a workstation, from acquisition to disposal.

Statistics puts the Total Cost of Ownership in business computing in a range between $7k-$13k per year. There are seven key cost components that contribute to the TCO:

  • Hardware Acquisition - purchase of user's computer equipment

  • Software Acquisition - purchase or license of software for each user

  • Installation - cost borne by owner or charged by the vendor to install computers

  • Training - cost borne by owner or charged by the vendor to provide training to users, including a portion of the user's time spent in training

  • Support - cost borne by Information Systems Department support areas, ISD Help Desk, and Distributed Systems

  • Maintenance - costs to upgrade user's computer equipment, vendor's maintenance contracts, supplies, Disaster Recovery costs

  • Infrastructure - costs to acquire, maintain and support the Local Area Network environment and specialized equipment shared by department staff

Surveys have shown that most computer purchase decision is made on price without considering any other factors that make up the TCO.

The major costs for the TCO come from the support and maintenance of computers and networks. Our goal is to reduce the TCO of our clients.  Properly planning the hardware and software acquisition, installation and the infrastructure of the network is extremely important.

In addition, standardizing the hardware and software configurations will reduce downtime by shortening the time to troubleshoot problems. Centralizing installation and infrastructure of the setup will reduce management by allowing the systems administrator to manage the network from one location. Automating distribution of software and settings will not only reduce the immediate cost of installing new software but will also insure standartization and lower the cost of maintenance down the road.

Solitex Networks TCO Services

  • Assessment of your present and future computer and communication needs

  • Consulting on the design and implementation of standard configurations

  • Creation of comprehensive network documentation

  • Implement group policies to increase security and lower support costs

  • Implement roaming profiles to decrease reliance on individual PCs and to enable users to work productively on any computer should theirs fail.

  • Implement proactive network monitoring systems to identify potential trouble spots

  • Set up automatic updates and distribution of anti-virus definitions and software

  • Set up commonly used software for automated distribution to speed up roll-outs

Asset Management
  • We help you better utilize your capital investment in equipment by creating and maintaining an accurate inventory of hardware, software and network equipment


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